International Study Advisor (ISA) is is an institution that present and active in the field of educational advisors for indonesian students who wish to continue their studies in Germany. We are supported by a native education consultant from Germany, Mr. Markus Wuensche who has more than 25 years experience in guiding students who want to pursue their higher eucation in Germany.

International Study Advisor (ISA) is not only specializes in guiding Indonesian students to continue their higher education at various universities in Germany without the help of extraordinarily expensive agents, but also we want to shape Indonesian society into professionals, business leaders, and provide changes in the future that bring long-term political, economic and social transformation.

International Study Advisor (ISA)’s activities are more than just providing information about German countries, but we also provide training and motivation in preparation for studying in Germany so that they will have high competitiveness, and are ready to study in Germany independently.