Ausbildung Altenpfeleger in Germany


Ausbildung is a professional specialization training which lasts 3 years to study a particular field in accordance with the standards which are set by the German government. After completing the education, Azubi (trainees) will take official examinations for professional certification in order to work in Germany and earn an income that is in line with German standards.


Altenpfleger is an elderly nurse in charge of caring for, accompanying, assisting and evaluating the health and psychological conditions of the elderly who live in Altenheim (where the elderly live) or in their respective homes.


Altenheim is a modern and integrated residence and care center for elderly in Germany.

Requirements of Ausbildung in Germany

  • At least graduated from high school or a vocational school major in health.
  • B2 Certified in order to get better job opportunities and opportunities.

Salary of trainee during Ausbildung

Gross income as an Azubi / trainee for the Altenpflege field varies, averaging € 1,040 per month in the first year; € 1,100 per month in the second year and € 1,200 per month in the third year.

Details of the Ausbildung program and the fees I have to prepare for preparation while in Indonesia.

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