Facility Study Preparation Guide

  • Information and consultation for making a Curriculum Vitae.
  • Preparation and guidance for registration of Studienkolleg & Universities.
  • Guidance & strategies for studying in Germany.
  • Guidance for physically and mentally study preparation in Germany.
  • German’s higher education system workshop.
  • Departure workshop to Germany.
  • Workshop for guidance on how to live independently in Germany
  • Information on religious activities, for Muslim and Non-Muslim students: Places of worship.
  • Introduction of activities of religious communities in Germany.
  • Information of shopping places for daily necessities: Asian stores.

Facilities Study Management Guide

  • Guidance and consultation for making a Motivation Letter.
  • Guide and direct consultation and explanation of study programs in Germany.
  • Information and guidance on how to translate study documents.
  • Information and guidelines for opening a German Bank account.
  • Information and flight ticket reservation for jakarta, indonesia – Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Information and apartment reservation for living in Germany.
  • Information and guidelines for health insurance in Germany.
  • Information and guidance for arranging transportation subscriptions while in Germany.

Membership Facility in Indonesia

  • German Language Course – Super Intensive (get a special price discount of 50%.).
  • German Language from level A1 to target level B1 / B2.
  • German Class with complete and comfortable facilities.
  • Evaluation of National Examination Results and School Examinations and Semester 5-6 transcripts.