Exclusive International Study Advisor Program for Turkey

  • SUPER INTENSIVE Language Courses – TOMER from A1-C1.
  • Payment for translation and preparation of documents study.
  • Consultation of Turkey’s Higher Education Degree & Major.
  • Arranging visa application at Turkish embassy in Jakarta.
  • Payment of visa study at the Turkish Embassy in Jakarta.
  • Reservation of Jakarta-Istanbul flight ticket
  • Payment of flight ticket Jakarta – Istanbul (one way).
  • Travel insurance.
  • Departure deliverance at Jakarta airport.
  • Student assistance costs from Indonesia to Turkey (group departure).
  • Service fee for finding a place/house.
  • Payment for residence for the first 12 months in Turkey.
  • Payment for food and drink for the first 12 months in Turkey.
  • Payment for Higher Education consultation in Turkey.
  • Payment for pick-up and delivery for student from airport to the destination city.
  • Assistance service fee for administrative arrangements while in Indonesia and in Turkey.

Intensive and exclusive assistance during preparation in Indonesia, departure to Turkey together and during the initial preparation period in Turkey, which include:

  • Pre-departure assistance.
  • Assistance during traveling’s process to Turkey.
  • Pick-up and assistance at the arrival airport in Turkey.
  • Assistance and delivery to the study destination city.
  • Assistance and housing/property search in Turkey.
  • Orientation assistance of the residence city in Turkey.
  • Orientation of transportation system in Turkey.
  • Assistance of opening Turkish bank account.
  • Assistance in registration Turkish phone sim card.
  • Reporting assistance to Indonesian Embassy in Turkey.
  • Orientation of halal shops, mosques, and other places of worship in Turkey.

First payment: IDR 44,950,000 (You can directly depart *).

The next installment payments last Rp 5,000,000 X 12 Months.

All costs are all-inclusive including all preparatory needs for studying in Turkey and including the need for housing, administration, eating (food) and drink in Turkey for the first 12 months. So that, almost no extra fees are needed for 1 year, which parents must pay more to children in Turkey.

Notes: For the convenience of students who are going to study in Turkey, the selection of majors and universities will be made after students complete the Turkish language learning program (TOMER). Our students can survey the university they want first, exchange ideas with their seniors regarding their wished universities and majors, so our students can get the best results of pursuing higher education at universities and majors in Turkey that are appropriate for them.