Why Study in Germany?

  • Free tuition fees.
  • The quality of higher education is recognized throughout the world.
  • There are 19,000 majors & 485 Universities
  • Students have the opportunity to live independently by working part time & full time.

Why Don’t Use An Agent, If You Want to Study in Germany?

  • Agents ask for extraordinarily expensive service fees.
  • All agents do not have offices in Germany.
  • Children become spoiled, not independent and there is no transparency.

Why Choose I.S.A to Accompany You to Study in Germany?

  • trusted & originates from Germany.
  • Having offices & employees who focus on taking care of students in Germany.
  • Guiding according to the case study of each Student / i.
  • Providing Assistance as long as students in Germany (Bachelor, Master & Doctor).
  • Providing “Neutral” informations.