Guidance and Information

a. Study Arrangement Service

  • Consultation on making Motivation Letters.
  • Direct consultation and explanation of study programs in Germany.
  • Guidance for translating documents to German Language, processing and legalizing visa documents at the German Embassy.
  • Arrangement and assistance for opening a German Bank account.
  • Arranging visa making at the German Embassy.
  • Flight ticket reservations Jakarta, Indonesia-Frankfurt, Germany / Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Arrangement of apartments for temporary residence in Germany.
  • Registration of 5 Universität / Fachhochschule in Germany.

b. Study Preparation Service

  • Consultation on making a Curriculum Vitae.
  • Workshop about German’s education system.
  • Workshop about German’s social and culture.
  • Departure workshop to Germany.
  • Workshop about guidance on how to live independently in Germany.
  • Personal Mentoring & Motivation (Personal Mentoring).
  • Visa arrangement for parents who want to visit their son/daughter in Germany.

Starter Pack Program

a. Orientation Services in Germany

  • Pick up at Germany’s / Amsterdam ‘s Airport.
  • Transportation from the airport to the destination city.
  • Arrangement of Apartment in Germany (Rules and amount of rent are determined by the owner). Direct contract between Student and owner of rent.
  • Arrangement of Apartment Contract Letter.
  • Arrangement of University Registration.
  • Ticket Semester arrangement & Student ID Card

b. Bureaucracy Assistance Services in Germany

  • Ticket semester activation.
  • Health insurance arrangement in Germany.
  • Arrangement and activation of German SIM Card.
  • Activation of a German Bank account.
  • Registration at Bürgerservices (City hall).
  • Registration at the Indonesian Embassy.
  • Assistance & extension of VISA residence permit.
  • Work permit arrangement (Optional).
  • Arrangement of taxpayers (Optional).
  • Social arrangement- / Renteversicherung (Optional).
  • City tour & introduction.
  • Introduction of living in Germany.
  • Introduction of Mülltrennung.
  • Introduction of facilities usage in the apartment.
  • Introduction of German’s transportation system.
  • Campus introduction.