Description of Membership Program

Degree Preparation Program (Bachelor & Master) is a program specially developed by the International Study Advisor based on experience in the field of Education Consulting that helps prospective students to continue their S1 (Bachelor & Master Program) courses at one of the Higher Education Institutions Overseas.

Objectives of the Membership Program

This Membership Program aims to enable prospective students to correctly choose majors & universities in accordance with their choices and interests with the guidance of our educational consultant team from the International Study Advisor. Students will be prepared to have a better preparation in lectures and personal life, this program also reduces the possibility of Culture Shock that will be faced by prospective Indonesian students.

Membership Program Services

This membership program services include Study Guide Program, Preparation Guide in Indonesia, Preparation Guide Overseas, Contact person service in Germany.

Excellence of Membership Program

International Study Advisor is an Educational Consulting Institute which is a pioneer and trusted in Indonesia with more than 25 years experience. We have direct education consultants (native German) from Germany. International Study Advisor is ready to help prospective students to go to universities in Germany by providing convenience services. Students and parents no need to worry, because we provide a complete membership program from preparation in Indonesia to studying and living in Germany.